About Us

The Just for Humanity Leadership and Advisory team has a wealth of business, education, finance and strategy knowledge from both the corporate for profit and non-profit sectors.

Who We Are

Just for Humanity has been created by a group of friends and professionals from different social and professional backgrounds who share a common vision of “giving while living.”

We are a diverse team with very different educational backgrounds and life experiences from across the world. All of us recognize the power of education and skills development to change lives and society for the better. So much talent is wasted across the world and so many challenges - relating to the environment, gender equality and healthcare - are neglected due to a lack of education. We are committed to finding grassroots programs that tackle these enormous challenges and connect them to donors that share our passion for education so we can collectively make a difference.

Our Approach

High Impact and High Potential

With the non-profit sector largely unregulated, we use our experience, deep connections and comprehensive due-diligence disciplines to find high impact and high potential programs where public awareness is low.

With more donor support, our programs can deliver a strong return on contributions at a larger scale and give donors new and interesting alternative donation options.

Our Methodology

Comprehensive and Continuous

Our assessment methodology has five phases that cover the entire life-cycle of a donor’s engagement with each charity that we recommend.

  • Eligibility: We identify high quality programs focusing on educating and empowering children in need.
  • Due-Diligence: We analyse program performance attributes including track records, effectiveness, integrity, sustainability, transparency, management and compliance history and we conduct site visits where practical to evaluate field work.
  • Decisioning: We determine what additional funding will accomplish and decide right mix of performance metrics and qualitative goals to measure the impact of additional funding.
  • Implementation: We raise funds and increase awareness of our recommended charities across the donor community.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: We monitor performance outcomes evaluate impact and report progress to donors on a regular basis. Our methodology provides a mix of evidence based data and qualitative information on each charity. We then apply our business, finance, education and management experience to identify the top recommendations for our donors to support.


Our due diligence is ongoing. We continuously monitor performance progress to ensure that our objectives are being met.

Our Fund Allocation Procedures

Outcomes Driven

Tax Exempt– Just for Humanity is a federally recognized tax exempt 501(c)3 organization so your donations to us are tax deductible.

Efficient– We strive to maximize the impact of your donation by ensuring that at least 95 cents of every dollar you give us invested directly into our programs.

Impact Focused– All donations are allocated to our top charity recommendations. We apply our judgement when deciding how to allocate donations taking into account the funding needs of each charity and our assessment on where the highest value outcome opportunities exist.

We Can Change Everything Together.

Our Support Team

In line with our mission to educate and empower those in need, we recruit poor and disadvantaged women and provide them with the training to empower them economically. We offer flexible working schedules so all team members can effectively manage their home and family responsibilities as well.

Arjun Chopra

Social Media Management


Social Media Management

Shamayita Nag

Social Media Management

Gaurav Vijaykumar

Project Manager

Dristi Kunwar


Mudit Rungta

Project Manager

Gauri Kulkarni


Our Strategic Advisors

Providing expert guidance to the leadership team

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