Our Objectives

We help vulnerable and homeless children get access to high quality education.

Our programs aim to break the cycle of poverty, improve gender equality and empower future generations

Our initial focus is on India where we have deep connections.

The Challenges In India Are Huge. We must take action now.

There are 260 Million school aged children in India today. Many of these children do not go to school and live in poverty. With no money, no education ,poor sanitation and housing, many are forced into child labor and child marriages and these conditions are passed from one generation to the next.

Although the passing of the Right to Education Act in 2009 has helped drive up primary school attendance levels to higher than 90% for children aged 6 to 14.

Quality is poor

  • 47% of Grade 5 children cannot read text appropriate for Grade 2.
  • 60% of children aged 10 in rural areas cannot do basic math.

Drop out rates are high

  • 41% of the students drop out by Grade 8 bringing net attendance rates down.
  • Secondary School participation levels currently stand at 58% for boys and 48% for girls.

The opportunity to make a difference is also big

On average, each year of additional education increases a child’s earnings in adulthood by 10%.

Quality education is a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and empower future generations, so please help us give children the chance to get ahead.

Our Project Partners

All our project partners caters to key education and training needs, and in combination, they empower a broad range of educational requirements.

Academic Education

Responsible Charity

Responsible charity helps vulnerable children living in slum communities get access to education in Kolkota, Pune and Mumbai, India. Setup in 2010 in Kolkata, Responsible Charity provides education solutions including school sponsorships, private tutoring, language training, field trips and mentoring to children living in poverty. It leverages its proprietary evaluation tool, AimGame, to assess the potential of each child for private school education. In order to assess the potential of each child for private school education, Responsible Charity also offers workshops, guidance on employment opportunities and medical assistance to mitigate the pressure for their children to work rather than focus on their education.

Why Responsible Charity?

Responsible Charity’s educational sponsorship programs aims to take children out of poverty permanently. By committing to fund their education until university graduation, the potential to achieve this is significantly increased. Responsible Charity has demonstrated that it can deliver sustainable and high quality outcomes.

There is also a significant scaling benefit – for each child raised out of poverty, additional 4 to 6 family members will also benefit from an improved quality of life.

Vocational Trade Training

Parshuram Industrial Training Institute

Setup in 2009. Parshuram ITI provides a range of vocational Training courses so students who have completed grade 10 school can learn technical skills to empower them for adult employment. The courses are of two years in length and include electrical, engineering, fitting and computer related activities.

Why Parshuram ITI?

All Parshuram ITI’s courses are government of India approved by the ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship. All Parshuram’s graduating students are certified to work pan India. The courses empower students for whom a more academic education is of less long term value. 90% of all Parshuram’s students pass the Government of India exams and more than 95% of these graduates are employed in adulthood. These results compare very favorably with national averages. The World Bank has reported national graduation rates in 2017 of 71% for men and 75% for women and the % employed after one year of graduation is only 55% for men and 41% for women.

How we will use your gift

With your generous support we can help more children realize their dreams. Any gift you make will provide life changing opportunities for these vulnerable and homeless children

Our Commitment To You

  • 95% is spent on supporting programming for children
  • To due-diligence our partners upfront and regularly each year
  • To monitor performance continuously
  • To report progress to you via our regular newsletter

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