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Just For Humanity helps donors find high impact & high potential grassroots education programs for vulnerable & homeless children.

We support high quality educational programs which have outstanding potential to help needy children but are constrained today by their small international profile and limited funding capacity. We partner with these charities, we advocate for them globally and we provide advice, guidance and funding so they can scale their impact.

Our selection process focuses on programs whose missions deliver sustainable impacts and emphasize ‘quality’, rather than ‘quantity’, in their objective setting. We search through the myriad of charities to identify potential partners that meet these criteria and are outstanding in their field.

Our Leadership and Advisory team has a wealth of business, education, finance and strategy know-how from both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. We leverage this experience along with our deep connections and due-diligence expertise to identify these high quality grassroots charities to our international donors.  Our donors benefit from our research and assessment work and the ongoing performance monitoring which ensures that contributions are wisely used.

Our Global Mission

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Everyday we can make a difference and these children have an opportunity to learn. There is no time to waste; Please give a helping hand as quickly as possible.

The need is urgent. Over 8% of the world’s primary age kids don’t go to school today – that is a staggering 60 million children.

For those children that do go to school, poverty and cultural expectations ultimately forces many of them into child labor and child marriage and these conditions are tragically passed from one generation to another.
On average, each year of additional education increases a child’s earnings in adulthood by 10%. Quality education is an incredibly powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and empower future generations, so please help us give underserved children around the world the chance to get ahead. Talent is everywhere, but sadly opportunity is not.

We help homeless and vulnerable children realize their dreams.

Impact You Have Made

Stories of Incredible Progress

Landing Dream Aerospace Jobs

15 vocational training graduates are offered jobs by Dassault Reliance Aerospace Ltd, the French Indian joint manufacturing venture.

Earning an Academic Scholarship

Three talented boys Sahel, Pintu and Aftab, from a poor background and live in slum communities, are now attending a private school in Howrah, West Bengal.

Our Sponsors

We are also grateful for the support we receive from various technology companies that allow us to use their products for our mission

We Can Change Everything Together.

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