Ian Tan

Ian Tan is a seasoned and accomplished financial leader with 18+ years of experience in the private and non-profit sectors. He exemplifies professionalism, passion, and positivity in every pursuit, both personal and professional. Ian’s leadership in finance is marked by an unwavering work ethic and a passionate commitment to driving teams towards excellence. He excels in uniting people, revolutionizing financial operations, streamlining efficiency, and fostering growth. His dedication to service and his ability to inspire others make him a leader in the world of Finance. Beyond his financial acumen, he has devoted his career to serving others. This unwavering dedication shines through in his CHAMP-certified Therapy Dog Team. A Malaysian-born, proud US Citizen, Ian was raised in an environment fostering appreciation for diversity and embraces his identity as a global citizen. Underscoring his commitment to a multicultural perspective, Ian has traveled to 15+ countries and is able to speak 4+ languages, primarily English, Chinese, and Malay. Whether it’s assisting clients with financial intricacies or helping people with his multilingual skills, Ian’s mission remains consistent: MAKE THE COMPLEX UNDERSTANDABLE AND HELP THOSE IN NEED.