Lesly Régis

Lesly Régis’ is a co-founder of Joséphine & Olga Saint-Urbain’s Foundation, a nonprofit seeking creative solutions for educating and empowering underprivileged children in Southern Haiti.

His passion is to improve individuals, teams and organizations. He is adept at Team Problem Solving across the product life cycle, from concept to production through working in a wide variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Chemical and Financial Services, on products ranging from nuclear power plants and land combat systems to credit cards and retail banking. Lesly has worked in over nine businesses within GE and HSBC Bank. He managed the Quality Assurance function for two GE businesses. He has strengths in Risk Management, Lean Six Sigma, Process Control Engineering and Shared Services’ creation and migration. His interest in Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving go back a long way. He started the 10th grade in New York City without knowing any English, completing high school in three years. He started his career as a hotel bellhop and worked his way to engineering school. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY. He is a certified GE Master Black Belt, and a Stanford University Certified Project Manager (SCPM). Lesly’s drive and passion are to tackle complex problems by building and coaching individuals or teams and helping others articulate goals and successfully execute their plans.