Keegan Dougherty

Keegan works with High School teachers from a range of communities in New York City as part of his responsibilities as a manager at the Earthwatch Institute, a 50 year old Non-Profit in Boston where he works with members of the public to support scientific field research around the world.

As a part of his role, Keegan works with 24 high school science teachers from a wide range of communities in all five boroughs of New York City. Working with the teachers, administrators, students, and families has given him a window into the challenges faced by many children seeking opportunity, as well as the lives of the parents and teachers seeking to support their students’ success. In an advisory role, Keegan is eager to volunteer his background in the nonprofit sector, including his experience fundraising to support educational programs, and his connections to New York City schools to the aid of JFH. Over the last 10 years, Keegan has been involved in several other nonprofit ventures serving high school and adult education in the United States including Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts, Jackson Mann Adult Education, ESOL at St. Anthony’s of Padua Camden, the Splash program, and the Boston College / Jemez Pueblo exchange program.