Nafisa Bhinderwala

Nafisa brings more than 35 years of education experience to Just for Humanity. She has a wealth of education related qualifications including a BSc, a BE’d, an MA in Sociology and an MA in Education as well as hands on experience from being a school Principal in Mumbai and as an education consultant.

She is passionate about the field of human potential and the role that education today has in helping to create a better tomorrow. In addition Nafisa has a number of training related credentials including as a Master Practitioner and Coach of neuro-linguistic programming, a Master trainer for Adolescent Education from UNICEF and as a certified graphologist. She has trained more than 1000 teachers under ‘Intel Teach’ (use of technology in the classroom). In addition she has trained 50+ teachers in Teach Essentials Online. Nafisa has received a national award from Intel on the use of technology in the classroom and is a Social Ambassador for the Indian Development Foundation.