Helping The Children

Literacy and Social Awareness
Just For Humanity has partnered with Dreamz Home, a NGO based in India that is selflessly working for the upliftment and overall development of under-privileged children, through a series of various educational & welfare activities in different parts of Mumbai, since past 12 years.

Helping Skilled Immigrants

Eliminating Employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees

Just For Humanity has partnered with Upwardly Global, a US based NGO which helps work-authorized, skilled immigrants rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. by providing professional job-search training and access to employers with global talent needs.

Infinite Family

The idea for Infinite Family was born three days after Amy Stokes and her husband arrived in South Africa to adopt their son from an orphanage near Johannesburg. The year was 2003. It was less than a decade after the end of apartheid, and South Africa was at the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that had already left more parents dead and children orphaned than any other place in the world. The images of so many children filled her mind: they were the hope of the new South Africa – its promise and bright future.

Women Empowerment

Just For Humanity has partnered with Resolve Network, a NGO based in US that empowers women most affected by conflict to reclaim their lives, rebuild their communities, and build peace from the ground up. Through our microloans, women in conflict zones start businesses, enrich communities, and create viable paths to peace.

Global Clinic

Whole Medicine for the whole world

Just For Humanity has partnered with Global Clinic a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit healthcare organization in the United States dedicated to healing & educating communities in need through supportive and sustainable holistic outreach. We offer alternative medical services and training, with a primary focus on acupuncture, to communities and individuals who lack access to basic or traditional healthcare.


Harnessing the power of service to advance education and excellence

Just For Humanity has partnered with Blue Engine, a US based NGO which advances equity by partnering with high-need schools that serve historically marginalized communities. Blue Engine advances excellence by placing teaching assistants in classrooms where they decrease the teacher-to-student ratio and collaborate with teachers to customize instruction, increase academic rigor, and build empowering relationships with students at every academic level.