As the Program Finance Officer, you’ll be responsible for developing and managing financial tracking, resource flows, reporting and compliance for a specified portfolio of grants awarded to a variety of partners.


Review and approve project investments from proposal to completion.
Coordinate with Programs Officers to manage timely and reliable
project reporting.
Actively benchmark program investments against industry best practices.
Monitor economic, political, and fiduciary exposure and assign risk indices to investment portfolio.
Administer independent audits of partners.


Demonstrated excellence with budget preparation and analysis, financial reporting and the proven ability to translate technical financial data into informative reports.
Superlative communication skills, both spoken and written.
Excel mastery.
3-5 years in financial analyst or related role and/or cost accounting experience in global operating environment.
Experience working in developing countries.
Bachelor’s degree in finance or business-related field, Master’s degree preferred.


You know what you’re doing
You have experience not only crunching the numbers but also articulating what they mean and how they can be useful in understanding the business.

You have a team ethos
You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced start-up environment, with people who are passionate about their work and mission. You’re excited to work cross-functionally with other departments.

You’re flexible, a quick responder
The problem we’re trying to solve as an organization is dynamic and each day brings fresh and exciting challenges. You can react quickly and efficiently when called upon to change or pivot. You like special projects and learning new things.

You’re a problem solver and strategic thinker; you connect all the dots
We find ways of getting it done at Just FOR Humanity. We don’t invest time on why it can’t be done. You know how to articulate and roll out solutions, recognizing there are many solutions to the same problem. You find new and effective ways to streamline and create processes to increase efficiency.

You get under the hood
Our team digs deep. They jump on planes if they have to. The integrity of our data is a core value, so your attention to detail must be impeccable.

You get things done
You’re a multitasking machine. You follow through on every request, no matter how big or small. You keep your cool under pressure and know how to prioritize your responsibilities. And when you need help, you’re not afraid to ask.

You like to tell a good story
This is interesting work in interesting parts of the world, and you want to let all of Just For Humanity.


As a Designer at just for humanity, you’ll work with our team of engineers, product and graphic designers, project managers and customer support staff to concept and create new fundraising features for our users.


You’ll connect passionate supporters with just for humanity’s mission through interactive, visually-inspiring experiences online. You’ll work with engineers and project managers to unpack data and create better user flows on every device. Through the products you build, you’ll inspire donors to give online and help end the just for humanity in developing countries around the world.


You have a strong online portfolio displaying user-centered design
You have basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and modern web technologies.
You embrace atomic design. You know how to work within a front-end library.
You are excited about designing systems, not just destinations.


A demonstrated ability to deliver beautiful, usable interfaces. This includes consideration of interaction and motion, not only graphics.
Experience working with teams of developers, designers, and product managers to create high-performing desktop and mobile interfaces.
Experience with an agile design and development process.
The skills to present and explain design decisions to non-designers.
The ability to facilitate, lead, and benefit from design critique


As the Event Producer, you’ll be responsible for the excellent execution of various Just For Humanity events. You’ll produce many different types of events varying in size, objective, audience, location and budget. You’ll be responsible for ensuring every aspect of production is done with perfection.


You’ll report to the Director of Production and work closely with the Creative, Key Relationships and Marketing teams to produce various events in line with the organization’s objectives.
You’ll be responsible for all technical (such as A/V and lighting) and experiential (such as decor, flow and ambiance) areas of production for every Just For Humanity hosted event, including screenings, dinners and galas.
You’ll occasionally provide production assistance to our supporters when they host events for Just For Humanity.
You’ll assist the CEO with external speaking arrangements and conferences as needed to ensure all technical aspects of production are executed to the just for humanity standards.
You’ll support the Just For Humanity team by providing event production support for occasional all-staff gatherings and parties.


Bachelor’s degree.
At least 5 years of technical event production experience.
Experience managing creative teams, production companies and a variety of vendors.
Exceptional organizational and project management skills.
Acute attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.


You have event experience
You’ve produced cocktail parties for 50 and galas for hundreds. You know what it takes to manage resources, budgets, timelines, and expectations to produce a truly seamless event. From check-in logistics to lighting technicians, you think about it all. You can deal with the unexpected and problem-solve on the job.

You’re a problem solver
You see something that needs improvement and you take action. When an issue comes up, you instantly go into problem solving mode — not panic. You’re prepared and methodical so you can propose solutions to problems on the fly, like if the projector is broken, you already have a tested backup on site. After each event, you take learnings and put new processes in place to ensure any challenges that occurred never happen again

You value innovation
You’re always looking out for the newest tools and coolest gadgets — whether for personal or professional needs — you’re on top of the latest and greatest. You value bringing innovation to the events you produce, whether to create a memorable and unexpected experience, to solve a problem like crowd control, or to simply wow the guests; you’re comfortable looking for solutions and opportunities outside of the box.

You get things done
You’re a multitasking machine and you don’t have a problem getting your hands dirty. You follow through on every task, no matter how big or small, and when duty calls you take matters into your own hands. You live for hitting deadlines and understand the importance of keeping on schedule and in budget. You take initiative on projects from the start and know how to bring people together and get things done.

You’re a communication ace
You keep everyone in the know so that the job gets done efficiently and effectively. You know when to ask for help, when to listen, and when to speak up. And you’re known for handling professional and personal situations with candor and respect.

You’re a team player
You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced start-up environment, with people who are passionate about their work. You’re excited to work cross-functionally with other departments and enjoy bringing people together to achieve a goal. People enjoy working with you because they know they can trust you.